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Summer 2024

Junior Players (2).png

Junior Players
K-2nd Grades
9am - 12pm

July 8 - 12

Into the woods.png

Into the Woods
4th - 12th Grades
9am - 3pm
July 22 - August 2

Rising Stars (3).png

Rising Stars
3rd - 5th Grades
9am - 12pm

July 15 - 19

Middle School intensive (1).png

Middle School Intensive
6th - 8th Grades
9am - 3pm
August 5 - 8

Schedule a private lesson with us! 

Chicago Music & Acting Academy is devoted to bringing professional music and acting training to all at affordable prices.


We cultivate a safe and welcoming work environment that allows our students to explore and cultivate their own unique voice. We teach our students how to see the beauty in this world, how to know their own worth, how to embrace their imperfections and see them as assets, and how to be vulnerable and honest not only as an actor, but as a person.

The Benefits of Participating in Theatre


Theatre helps build confidence in students and teaches them to be themselves.  

Public Speaking.

Theatre can improve a child's public speaking skills by working on articulation, pace and resonation. 


Theatre requires taking on another character and learning to understand people who are not like yourself. 


Theatre can help build social and communication skills. Students learn how to communicate both verbally and physically. 


Theatre can nurture creativity and critical thinking skills. 


Every acting class is considered an Ensemble. This group of people works together to create something only they can. 


Performing in plays and memorizing lines can help students become better test takers. 

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