Summer 2022

Twelfth Night
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Junior Players Summer Camp

Session 1: July 11-15, 9-12pm

Session 2: August 1-5, 9-12pm

Ages 4-7

$185 per session or $325 for both sessions. 

Your young artist will learn the building blocks of performance while using their creativity to travel to amazing new worlds! We will explore how actors use their voices and bodies to bring a character to life while using our imagination to create incredible journeys. Our imaginations will be our guide for this fun and spirited camp!


Twelfth Night
Rising Stars.png

Rising Stars Summer Camp

Session 1: July 18-22, 9-12 pm

Session 2: August 8-12, 9-12 pm

Ages 8-10

$185 per session or $325 for both sessions

In this  camp, students will level up their performance skills while also exploring the building blocks of story while creating their own original tale! From designing original characters to exploring bringing the impossible to life through theatre magic- this week will be full of imagination, discovery, and growth!


Twelfth Night
Musical Theatre Intensive (1).png

Middle School Musical Theatre Intensive

Session 1: July 11-15, 9-4 pm

Session 2: July 18-22, 9-4 pm

Students entering 6-8th Grade

$325 per session or $600 for both sessions

This one week camp allows Middle School Students to level up their performance skills with skill based instruction with a focus on group collaboration. Students will learn about creating original stories as an ensemble while building a strong foundation of performance skills including dance, acting and singing. This camp invites students to challenge themselves to reach new heights while celebrating the community they create together.


Twelfth Night
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35 Hour Theatre Fest

July 25-29, 9-4 pm

Ages 8+*


In this special one week theatre fest, our ensemble will create a world premiere performance in only 35 hours. Campers will explore acting, playwriting, and directing while developing an original work of theatre. Collaboration will be key as we learn the skills to create as an ensemble with plenty room for fun and silliness along the way!

*At times, students will be separated by age groups. 


Twelfth Night
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High School Musical Theatre Intensive

August 1-12, 9-4 pm

Students entering grades 9-12


In this two week performance intensive, High School Students are invited to hone their craft and stretch their artistic muscles in a space that is about exploring, discovering and honoring your unique voice.  Students can expect private voice lessons, acting classes, acting the song classes, dance classes, specialty masterclasses and workshops with industry professionals! This program allows for opportunity for individual growth as well as sets the stage for collaboration, a central aspect of the theatre which allows for incredible friendships and brave new experiences.